Darnell Dockett Fined $5K for Pre-Game Tweet -- So He's Hired a Ghost Tweeter

With all the problems the Arizona Cardinals  currently face -- an injured running back,  lack of leadership, a quarterback who's better at getting hit than at throwing a football -- trouble in Twitter Town is probably the least of the team's concerns.

The National Football League takes it a little more seriously and has fined Cards defensive tackle Darnell Dockett $5,000 for a pre-game tweet.

Before the Cards' season opener against the St. Louis Rams, Dockett tweeted "Amen."

The league has strict policies about how players use social media. Players are not permitted to use certain electronic devices -- like cell phones and computers -- 90 minutes before a game.

Dockett's tweet came just 20 minutes before kickoff.

After the fine was handed down, Dockett tweeted, "I won't do it again," which it appears he won't.

After Dockett's tweet of remorse, he assured his followers that his 140-character nuggets of wisdom wouldn't come to an end.

"Don't worry though I got another account I'm setting up that will be ran by someone else and they will tweet when they think I would! #fact," Dockett later tweeted.

Dockett's scheduled to make $3.75 million this year -- before bonuses -- so a $5,000 fine is like a flick on the wrist. But it's still probably one of the most expensive "amen[s]" ever written. 

Dockett's tweets are good for a laugh, though. Check them out here.