Green Fatigue

Al Gore's Alliance for Climate Protection Worried About News Coverage (Or Lack of It)


Touchy, touchy.

A representative of Al Gore's Alliance for Climate Protection called us this afternoon to ask why our June 8 post about a roundtable being hosted by the group was so "negative."

The woman started off by telling us that she's a journalist who was working for the Alliance and... we stopped her right there. The two things are mutually exclusive.

Following our rude interruption, she explained that she's doesn't actually work for the Alliance, but is doing a favor for a friend, the CEO of the Alliance. (Presumably, she was talking about multi-continent music mogul Kevin Hall, who was touted by Gore on the Larry King show two years ago).

We chatted about the various attributes and drawbacks of the post. She didn't like the quips about solar panels covering the desert or the potential costs of a clean energy bill. (Hey, when we read how people suggest paneling over "barren desert land" to make electricity, can you blame us for being snarky?) She chided us for not actually attending the event. Then she let on that Alliance was, basically, worried about its image.

"In any state of the unoin, people don't like parachuters, which the Alliance probably looks like it is, coming in there. So they're obviously doing something that's irritating people, and it's not effective for the Waxman-Markey bill or for people concerned about climate change or anything to have this kind of thing going on."

By "this kind of thing," of course, she means blog posts like ours. But then she admits that her exhaustive Internet research shows our post was the only media attention the roundtable received in the whole state. Instead of dishing out grief, she oughta be thanking us.

And what's so bad about being slightly critical as we give them free press? We ask the woman if she thinks the Alliance's goal to have the country running under 100 percent clean energy power in 10 years a bit unrealistic?

She responds that James Hansen thinks it isn't unrealistic, and she can't go "head-to-head, scientifically" with NASA.

First of all, it's not just a scientific question. Give Hansen the title of Dictator, and he probably could achieve that goal. Second of all, that NASA cred? Ever heard of Edgar Mitchell or Lisa Nowak?

We never did get the lady's name. When we asked for it at the end of the conversation, she hung up.