Best Way to Describe Paul Babeu's Chat With Al Sharpton?

In case you missed it, Pinal County Sheriff Paul "studboi1" Babeu and his alleged "7-inch cut" were invited to Reverend Al Sharpton's show on MSNBC, and it wasn't pretty for Babeu.

He was defending a fact-devoid rant he'd fired off to President Obama -- actually, he sent it to President "Barak" Obama -- which didn't include any actual substance, but did include the typical Tea Party jargon to rile up the doofuses.

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As you can see in Sharpton's clip below, it just gets sadder and sadder until you realize that Sharpton's made a complete ass of Babeu on television, which wasn't that difficult, because Babeu really had nothing to defend.

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So, how would you best describe Babeu's performance?

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