Hot Links: Shootings, Ransom Raids, and Tasers in the U.K.

The mother of the two children who were kidnapped yesterday morning has been arrested. Marisa Sandoval, 20, was taken into custody after officers served a search warrant at her home and found methamphetamine. The children, who had been returned to Sandoval yesterday, are now with CPS...Salt River Project has applied for $80 million in federal stimulus funds. An official for the utility company said the extra money, if approved, wouldn't eliminate the need for a rate hike...A 20 year-old man was shot in the stomach while riding his bicycle near 11th Avenue and Ironwood Drive this morning. The victim was taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries. The suspect is described as a black male wearing a white shirt and blue pants...DPS raided a home in southwest Phoenix and rescued 19 Mexican men being held for ransom. They arrested 11 Mexican suspects for holding the men hostage. The same house was raided last year. Some of the victims in the latest raid had been in the house as long as 24 days...A new report by the British Home Office shows that Taser stun guns are being used with more frequency by U.K. law enforcement agencies. The Taser, which is manufactured in Scottsdale, was used by British police 226 times during the first quarter of the fiscal year...Peoria horse trainer Ralph Carr, who was arrested August 11 after the parents of a 13 year-old girl alleged he sexually abused her, has been arrested again. Originally released by a judge who orders electronic monitoring, Carr was taken into custody again after three more victims came forward with allegations of abuse.