Lesbians for Ben Quayle? Lesbian News Web Site Completely Blows it On Coverage of Latest Poll Numbers

As you probably know, there was some shocking news out of the District Three Congressional race earlier this week -- according to a new poll, Republican candidate Ben Quayle trails his Democratic opponent, Jon Hulburd, by two points, 46 to 44 percent.

If the poll, funded by a liberal Web site, is to be believed, it's big news because District Three is an overwhelmingly Republican district -- which Quayle was expected to take.

Someone may want to explain this to Bridgette P. LaVictorie at the lesbian news Web site LezGetReal.com because she seems to have had some trouble reading the headline from her own "source."

LezGetReal dubs itself as "the gay girl's view on the world." If that's the case, "the gay girl's view on the world" must be part of the bizarro world, not because it's a lesbian Web site, but because LaVictorie has Quayle leading Hulburd by two points

The headline for Web site's latest story on the race reads: "Ben Quayle Leads Challenger by Only Two Points."

At first we thought, "Hey, maybe they just worded the headline wrong -- could happen to anyone."

Then we read the article, and it turns out LaVictorie just completely blew it and wrote an entire article about how Quayle's leading the race.

Here's an excerpt:

The predictions of doom and gloom for the Democrats may be a case of too many people following the Tea Party narrative. A poll out recently from PPP shows that Ben Quayle, son of former Vice President Dan Quayle, is leading his opponent Jon Hulburd by only two points (46% to 44%) in the Arizona 3rd district.

LezGetReal cites The Daily Beast as its source, and even provides a link.

However, the first sentence in the Daily Beast Story is: "Democratic outfit PPP shows Ben Quayle trailing Democratic opponent Jon Hulburd 46 percent to 44 percent in Arizona's 3rd District."

This means either LaVictorie didn't read the article she cites as the basis for entire story, or she's an idiot. Either way, she didn't read the actual poll results.

We know LezGetReal isn't the New York Times, but come on...