Arizona Cardinals Beat Down "Da Bears" in Chicago

Kurt Warner's Jekyll and Hyde season has been nothing short of maddening. Last week, after giving up five interceptions and a fumble in the Cards' 34-21 loss to the Carolina Panthers, we were calling for Kurt's head (not to mention Coach Ken's play-calling responsibilities).

Yesterday, in the Cards 41-21 beat down of Da Bears in Chi-town, Kurt and the offense looked superb -- even with wide receiver Anquan Boldin sidelined with an attitude infraction.

About 90 minutes before the game, Boldin was declared inactive -- much like in the NFC championship game last year -- prompting the pissy receiver to spout off saying nobody in the Cardinals organization were "man enough" to tell him in person.

Isn't this the same guy who is constantly outdone by Larry Fitzgerald and is seeking a top-dollar contract extension?

Boldin's bitching aside, the real story coming out of yesterday's slaying: The Bears really suck.

The theme of the Bears' season has been fans at Soldier Field whimpering, "if we only had a quarterback, if we only had a quarterback."

We hate to break it to our sausage-eating friends in the Midwest -- the quarterback is not the problem.

Jay Cutler went 347 yards in the air -- in part because of a complete breakdown in the Cardinals' pass defense in the second half -- and only threw one interception. However, the Bears 72 total rushing yards didn't help much in the loss 

The Bears atrocious defense is what lost this game, though.

The Cardinals had 438 total yards, including 256 in the air. Warner went 22 for 32 and was only sacked once.

The running game was there, too. Tim Hightower and Beanie Wells both rushed for over 70 yards, and despite no touchdowns, the pair earned the Cards some crucial first downs.

Things got a little dicey for the Cards in the fourth quarter (that's what happens when you let Matt Leinart into the game).

The Bears scored 14 points in the second half, including a touchdown stemming from Leinart's only pass attempt in the game -- an interception to Bears cornerback Zack Bowman.

Coach Whiz was quick to put Leinart back behind the clipboard, with Warner coming back to finish the game.

The Cards looked great yesterday, but don't get your hopes up. Keep in mind how much the Bears suck and remember the streaky nature to the Cards season. They beat up on the Giants two weeks ago, and then got stomped by the mediocre Carolina Panthers the very next week.

The Cards take on Seattle next week at home -- let's see which Cardinals team decides to show up.