Zacharey Murray Tells Cops He "Missed His Signal" to Stop Masturbating in Trees

While camping out in some trees and waiting to watch a girl walk home from school for the fifth day and a row, police say 18-year-old Zacharey Murray was killing some time by masturbating.

Problem is, Murray "missed his signal," and the alleged victim had to see him continue to masturbate in the trees.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Murray was in the trees on August 31, and was "masturbating while awaiting the arrival of the [victim] who he had seen in that area at that time for the past four days.

When police found him yesterday walking by the Sheely Farms Elementary School -- about a block away from his alleged masturbation station -- he admitted to being the one waiting around for that girl and masturbating in the trees, according to the court documents.

The thing is, Murray explained to police, that "normally his signal to stop is the sound of footsteps breaking small sticks or crushing leaves," the documents state.

According to a probable-cause statement, "That day he missed his signal and when he looked over the victim was right there."

Murray said he still went back to the trees during the next three school days to see the girl, but claimed he didn't masturbate those days.

He said he eventually stopped following the girl around because her mother confronted him, and Murray didn't want the girl's mother to think that he was stalking her daughter.

However, police allege that sitting in trees and waiting to watch a girl walk home qualifies as stalking.

Murray was identified when the victim was in the neighborhood with her cousin, and pointed him out as the guy who was following her. The girl's cousin recognized him because they used to go to school together.

Murray was booked on charges of stalking and indecent exposure, and he was served with an order of protection from the victim, whose age isn't disclosed in court records.