Josiah "Baby Jo" Weisman's Not-So-Gangsta Day Allegedly Included Buying Weed With Mom, Pointing a Gun at a Woman

Alleged "South Side Chandler" gangster Josiah Weisman, apparently known on the streets as "Baby Jo," did not have an incredibly gangsta day on Friday.

Police say Weisman went with his mother to buy weed, and ended up pulling a gun on a woman during an argument, all while tossing up his gang signs.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, "Baby Jo" showed up to an apartment complex in Chandler with his mother around 6:20 p.m. Friday, where they planned to make a marijuana purchase.

The woman at the apartment would later tell police that Weisman started an argument with her, and while they took the argument outside, Weisman was making what appeared to be gang-related hand gestures while he told the woman that she was "in his neighborhood," according to the documents.

"Baby Jo" ended up pulling a gun and waving it all around, the woman told police, and pointed it at her before she just decided to turn around, walk away, and inform the authorities, the documents say.

The officer working the case writes in a probable-cause statement that he's known "Baby Jo" for "several years," so he went over to Weisman's house, where "Baby Jo" lives with his wife and in-laws.

Sure enough, police say Weisman admitted to waving the gun around, but denied pointing it at her, and also denied making any gang signs or mentioning being in a gang.

Weisman told police he tossed the gun out of his window as he drove away, although police didn't find it.

According to the probable-cause statement, there are surveillance cameras at the apartment complex, and the encounter was caught on tape -- Weisman was in an argument, made some gang signs, and was waving a gun around. The statement says it looks like Weisman did point the gun at the woman, albeit briefly.

"Weisman then gathers his mother and they leave the apartment complex," the officer writes, referencing the surveillance footage.

"Baby Jo" faces four felony charges, including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and gang intimidation. Bond for "Baby Jo" was set at $50,000.