`Baseline Killer' Jury Resuming Deliberations This Morning

The jury in the case of accused serial murderer Mark Goudeau continues to deliberate his fate this morning in downtown Phoenix.


Goudeau, 47, is charged with 72 major felonies, including the killings of nine people (eight women and one man) during an alleged crime spree that terrorized the city in 2005 and 2006.

The 12-member panel, which is not sequestered, has been deliberating (with days off) for a little more than a week, which isn't surprising considering that they are evaluating mounds of evidence, and months of courtroom testimony.

Goudeau isn't going anyplace soon, even if the jury somehow sees fit to acquit him on every last count. He already is serving a life sentence at the Arizona State Prison for the 2005 sexual assaults (and other crimes) of two south Phoenix sisters.

Goudeau did not present any evidence on his own behalf during the trial, and was not compelled to under the law of the land. It was the prosecution's job to prove beyond a "reasonable doubt" that he is guilty as charged of the myriad violent offenses.

That is what the jurors have been wrestling with during their deliberations.

Goudeau faces a possible death sentence if convicted.

Stay tuned.