Joe Arpaio Creates Seven Jobs in Patio Furniture Industry (Just Kidding, Illegal-Immigrant Roundup Number 66)

Less than a week after taking credit for creating five jobs at a Mexican restaurant, Sheriff Joe Arpaio now claims he's now opened up some "employment opportunities" in the patio furniture refurbishing industry.

Of course, that's a result of "employer sanctions operation"/illegal-immigrant roundup number 66, in which all seven people arrested -- as usual -- happened to be employees.

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Today's roundup took place at Nu Look Revinyling, a Phoenix company that repairs and refurbishes patio furniture.

According to the Sheriff's Office, this morning's raid is the result of a nine-month investigation, after getting a tip that some workers were using false identification to gain employment.

The Sheriff's Office says seven people were using phony documents, and two of the people were actually using the same dead person's Social Security number.

MCSO arrested about one-quarter of the employees at the small business, which employs somewhere around 25 people.

Sticking with his most current themes for the "employer sanctions operations," Arpaio put out a press release mentioning possible voter fraud, as well as job opportunities.

"The arrests of illegal aliens who are employed using fake names and false social security
numbers opens up employment opportunities for those who are in this country legally," he says.

After 66 of these operations, the tally is at 647 people arrested, with 460 accused of being illegal immigrants using forged or stolen identification.