Maricopa Teen's Plan for Motherhood: Kill Friend, Steal Fetus

A Maricopa teen really (really) wants to be a mom.

According to authorities in Maricopa, Kassandra Toruga concocted a plan to obtain a baby -- her 9-month pregnant friend's baby, that is -- by killing the girl and stealing the fetus.

On February 16, Toruga went to her friend's home armed with two butcher's knives, and a large pair of scissors. Her plan, she later told authorities, was to kill the friend and perform a Cesarean section on the girl to remove the fetus. Toruga then planned to pass the fetus off as her own child.

Clearly, not a very well-thought-out plan. We'd bet that if a girl's found murdered, and the baby she'd been carrying for nine months vanishes, a friend of hers who wasn't pregnant but just happens to be carrying around a fresh fetus might be a "person of interest."

Regardless, Toruga planned for motherhood.

According to court records, in addition to the butcher's knives and scissors, on the night of the would-be murder, Toruga brought with her a bag full of baby clothes and diapers, presumably for the unborn child she planned steal.

According to KPHO, Toruga had also been telling people she was pregnant, and her profile photo on her Myspace page is of an ultrasound. Check it out here.

Once Toruga got to her friend's house, rather than kill the girl, she opted to set her closet on fire, which resulted in a call to Maricopa Fire officials, who uncovered her deadly plan.

Toruga, authorities say, has a long history of Schizophrenia.

Toruga faces charges of attempted murder, arson, and burglary. Her first appearance in court was last Friday. She remains in custody on $500,000 bond.