Angela Wilson-Goodman, Gilbert Lawyer, has Law License Suspended for Failing to Play Fair in Her Own Court Case

A Gilbert lawyer's State Bar license will be suspended for 30 days because of her bad behavior as a defendant in a lawsuit.

Angela Wilson-Goodman, who started her own firm in 1997, specializes in commercial litigation and "general business advice," according to her Web site.

If she gives good advice, though, she apparently didn't follow it after being sued for "contract damages."

Wilson-Goodman blew off "multiple" court dates related to the lawsuit, and ignored a court order to turn over information about the case, says a bulletin by the State Bar of Arizona.

During the lawsuit proceedings, a judge found Wilson-Goodman in contempt and sanctioned her. A Bar investigation followed, and through a consent agreement she acknowledged that she'd knowingly violated rules and dissed the judicial system.

Her 30-day suspension begins on March 31. She'll also be put on a one-year probationary period by the State Bar and will have to pay $1,200 to pay back the cost of the investigation.