Jeff Gordon Got Jumped at PIR, Which Is the Only Reason We're Talking About NASCAR

For our readers who wanted to hear how the NASCAR race went yesterday at Phoenix International Raceway, we assumed you'd find that information elsewhere -- that is, until we found out that someone finally jumped that goody two-shoes Jeff Gordon.

The jumping of Gordon was kind of legitimate, as you can see at the beginning of the video below (or from several angles about three minutes into the video above), Gordon (number 24, rainbow warrior), appears to very purposely hit the car driven by Clint Bowyer (number 15, 5-Hour Energy).

That's a no-no, but Bowyer's crew appeared to clear things up by going right after Gordon as soon as he gets out of the car. To make this scene even better, Bowyer jumps out of his car and sprints for a full 30 seconds over to Gordon, although he was held back from Gordon, and likely resorted to shouting, "GOD DANGIT, GORDON."

Exactly why Gordon nailed Bowyer's car seems unclear, but one explanation is that Bowyer's been mean to him.

Sure, Gordon doesn't do meth, and he doesn't try to fight every single person who operates a motor vehicle, but we're guessing there were several NASCAR fans who've been waiting for someone to attack Gordon for quite some time.

Oh, by the way, Kevin Harvick won the race.

Until next time, that's all we've got on the NASCAR front.