Video: Police Killings Protested in Phoenix

Police killings across the country sparked a large protest at First Friday in Phoenix this weekend.

With police in riot gear at the ready, the demonstrators protested against the killing of Michael Brown in Missouri, the killing of Eric Garner in New York, and last week's killing of Rumain Brisbon by Phoenix police.

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This isn't the first protest of Brisbon's killing in the days after his death. Another march was held before Friday, and another one is planned for tonight.

Brisbon and a yet-unnamed Phoenix police officer were in a scuffle at an apartment complex when Brisbon reached into his pocket, and when the officer was unable to keep a grip on Brisbon's hand, he shot him. Brisbon was unarmed, but police say the officer feared that he had a gun in his pocket.

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