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Rachel Brock's Mugshots: WTF is So Funny?

For the second time in as many mugshots, Rachel Brock, daughter of Maricopa County Supervisor Fulton Brock, showed up for her booking photo after getting arrested last week smiling like an idiot someone who isn't potentially looking at a lot of prison time for allegedly having sex with an underage boy (the same underage boy with whom her mother's been convicted of sexing).

When Brock first was arrested in December, she was criticized by New Times readers (and writers) for the shit-eatin' grin she sported in her mugshot.

"Oh, that's why she's smiling. She's got that 'My Daddy's the head Mormon on the Board of Supervisors' look on her puss," one reader pointed out.

Brock, as we reported earlier, was rearrested last week on charges that she had sex with a then-13-year-old boy when she was 18. A new arrest means a new booking photo, and guess what: the grin on Brock's face is even more obnoxious than the original.

Check out both mugshots below: 

You may not know it from looking at her, but Brock's been charged with five counts of sexual conduct with a minor and one of furnishing obscene materials to a minor. She's currently in jail without bond.

Again, you may not know it from looking at her, but if convicted of the aforementioned crimes, Brock faces a minimum sentence of 13 years in prison, and a presumptive 20-year sentence.

Just sayin'...