Police Women of Maricopa County: Pregnancy, Gang Symbols, and Crime Suppression

After a brief break from the airwaves, the gals in brown were back with a vengeance last night, and one of them threw us a bit of a curveball -- she showed a little human decency.

Officer Lindsey Smith both protected and served when she stopped a man for not having a light on his bicycle, and as it turned out, the dude had four warrants -- three of which were felonies.

The guy was concerned that his mother would be worried when he didn't come home and didn't know what he would do with his bike since he was heading to the slammer.

The guy was cooperative so Smith not only took his bike to his mom's house but left the woman a note to let her know where her son was.

Yeah, we were shocked, too -- but not for long.

In another segment, Detective Deb Moyer was out on one of the sheriff's infamous crime-suppression operations, where Moyer claims officers are told to look for anything Mexican "out of the ordinary."

After finding a guy who was doing nothing more than walking down the street, Moyer discovered a warrant for his arrest, and off to jail he went.

Officer Amy Duong reminded everyone how to be a good cop in two separate instances in last night's show, and it seems to have rubbed off on some of the other officers.

Duong responded to what she thought was a domestic-violence situation. When she got to the rat's nest of an apartment where the subjects were living with at least five children, it turned out to only be an argument between the parents.

In an attempt to put a little human touch on her police work, Duong asked the woman how many of the kids in the tiny apartment were hers and she responded, "All of them, unfortunately."

That's when -- almost on cue -- this baby factory's water broke and Duong got her to the hospital.

In Duong's second segment of the show, she and some male officers confront a couple of punks drawing gang signs on a table at a park near Guadalupe.

After a brief lecture by Duong and the male officers, one of the dirt-bags referred to prison as "retirement," but Duong remained respectful and the male officer said something shocking.

"I could put you in jail right now," he said. " I'm not gonna do that though -- I'm not gonna be a dick."

Not gonna be a dick, huh? Better hope Joe Arpaio wasn't tuning in to last night's broadcast.

Duong's respectful tone helped convince the punks that they must wash off the graffiti, to which she responded "thank you very much, I appreciate it."

Don't tune in next week, but check back to Valley Fever, where we watch it so you don't have to.