Two Murder Suspects Attack MCSO Detention Officers. Now They'll Dine on Sheriff Joe's "Loaf"

Two alleged creeps in jail on murder charges will be the latest to get a taste of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's "loaf," which tends to be the breaks when you attempt to assault detention officers at one of the sheriff's jails.

According to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, the two inmates -- Felix Vazquez and Christopher Santome, both accused of murder -- tried to stab two detention officers with a "shank" earlier today.

Vazquez and Santome were removed from their cells for a routine search when they attacked the two officers with makeshift jail knives.

The two punks were quickly subdued by jail staff -- and now they'll be forced to feast on "Joe's loaf."

"I will not tolerate assaults on my officers and I have ordered the two inmates involved in the assault be fed bread and water," Arpaio says.

"Bread and water," MCSO spokesman Jeff Sprong tells New Times, is how the sheriff describes "nutraloaf," a disgusting ball of bread, water, and other nastiness Arpaio feeds inmates who misbehave while behind bars.

The newest members of Joe's Loaf Club are pretty bad dudes -- Santome allegedly fatally stabbed a Peoria man last year, and Vazquez is accused of murdering an off-duty Department of Corrections officer in 2008.

Both men, Sprong says, will likely face additional charges for their assault on the detention officers.