Maricopa County Animal Control's Former Spokesman Accused of Stalking Employees

A former spokesman for Maricopa County Animal Care and Control was arrested on charges including stalking for harassing his former co-workers, according to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office.

The Sheriff's Office says Audie Greybear posed as his former co-workers on Craigslist, leading to the employees receiving sexually explicit text messages and e-mails to their work phones and e-mail accounts.

One of the alleged victims in the case is animal control's current spokeswoman, Melissa Gable, whom we asked if there may have been some sort of motive for Greybear to do this.

"I HAVE NO IDEA!!!" Gable tells New Times in an e-mail. "I never even met him. Crazy huh?"

An MCSO spokesman didn't have any additional details on a motive, but the agency says in a statement, "He apparently lost his job at the shelter some time ago, a fact that may have soured his relationships with the victims."

Also from MCSO:

"Gable's woes started in May of this year when she began receiving sexually explicit texts to her work phone number from several men who believed they were responding to a Craigslist ad she had allegedly posted. The emails caused Gable significant emotional distress particularly as they contained Gable's full name, her work phone number and sexual comments about her boss as well. And she wasn't the only employee of Animal Care and Control to be victimized by the same assailant.

"Detectives soon determined that there was a second victim, Cory Hillyer, also a former employee at the shelter, who was sent sexually explicit emails containing his name and phone number."

Greybear was booked into jail on charges of computer tampering, stalking, and ID theft.

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