Tucson Prison Brawl Involves 400 Inmates, Less Than Six Months After 200-Inmate Fight

For the second time in less than six months, hundreds of inmates brawled at the Arizona State Prison Complex in Tucson.

The 400-inmate fight on Sunday -- which landed 17 inmates in the hospital -- appears to have been race-related, as did a 200-inmate fight that occurred in September.

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ADC says this fight took place in the Whetstone Unit, which is classified as a minimum-security unit. September's fight took place in the Santa Rita Unit, a medium-security unit.

Sunday's fight, which broke out at 9:45 a.m., appears to have included two sides -- about 300 white and Mexican-American inmates against about 100 African-American inmates. That unit holds 1,242 inmates total.

Eighty of the inmates involved in yesterday's fight have since been moved to other institutions, according to ADC, and two of the inmates were still hospitalized as of today. Two prison employees received minor injuries, according to ADC.

September's fight also appeared to be race-related, as ADC said the 200 inmates in that fight were all Hispanic or African-American. Eleven inmates were hospitalized after that fight.

In October, convicted murderer Jimmy Odom tried to escape from the Cimarron unit at the same prison complex.

Odom beat up a contracted worker who drove a delivery truck into the prison, stole the truck, and planned to drive to freedom by running down several layers of fencing, ADC said at the time.

Odom failed at the fence -- he got through the first layer, but just ran the truck right into the outer fence, and got stuck there, according to ADC.