Joe Arpaio's Rough Week: Is the Sheriff Finally Unelectable?

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's had a pretty rough week -- aside from the Department of Justice determining that he's guilty of the worst racial-profiling practices in U.S. history, the sheriff is still dealing with the fallout from the Associated Press' decision to pull the old El Mirage botched sex-crime story seemingly out of nowhere (the East Valley Tribune won a Pullitzer Prize in 2009 for first reporting the exact same story).

Then there's the apparent ineptitude of the attorney representing the sheriff in the New Times vs. Arpaio lawsuit. Read about that fiasco here.

So, just so we're not leaving anything out, this week alone, Maricopa County's voting public has been exposed to media reports about Arpaio racially profiling people, bungling hundreds of sex-crime investigation, and violating the First Amendment rights of the owners of a newspaper.

Yet, Arpaio vows that his resignation is "never gonna happen," and claims he plans to run for re-election next year -- when he'll be 80 years old.

You might be thinking to yourself "only a county full of racist, sex-offenders who oppose free speech would elect this guy to anything...ever."

Well welcome to Maricopa County, where voters have elected Arpaio sheriff five times -- despite tales of his misdeeds dominating headlines for several years (New Times headlines, anyway).

Is Arpaio's current wave of bad press enough to finally convince voters that he's more trouble than he's worth? Will civil rights violations, millions and millions (and millions) of dollars in lawsuits, and political witch hunts end the career of America's self-proclaimed "toughest sheriff?"

Or will Arpaio's blue-haired, Mexican-fearing supporters elect him to another four-year term -- again, when the sheriff will be 80 years old?

We want to know what you think, though: is Arpaio finally unelectable?

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