Joe Arpaio's Biggest Danger: Mail Bombs or Sidewalks?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's name was on a package with what may have been an explosive device inside, triggering a five-alarm press conference headed up by the elderly sheriff.

"I'm a victim," Arpaio said, apparently trying to convince everyone that he's not crying wolf about a death threat this time.

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The box in question was dropped in a package drop-off in Flagstaff, and there were quite a few indications that it was suspicious. When the postal inspector got involved and found that the box had explosive powder and what appeared to be wires and a battery.

Of course, Arpaio and chief deputy Jerry Sheridan tried to blame drug cartels, without providing any evidence, and tried to explain how much danger Arpaio was in, despite the package never getting within an hour's drive of him, and the fact that a law-enforcement source told us last week that investigators weren't even sure that the thing would have blown up.

That said, we do know how to hurt Arpaio, and keep him out for weeks -- build a sidewalk.

Remember, an alleged trip and fall on a sidewalk was all it needed to keep Arpaio out of his office for weeks. Heck, he's still recovering and wearing medical devices.

So, what do you think is Arpaio's biggest danger: mail bombs or sidewalks?

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