Jeff Flake's Poll Numbers Somehow Got Worse: Whopping 18 Percent Give Him a Thumbs-Up

Senator Jeff Flake is doing a pretty darn good job in office, according to very, very few people.

Flake wasn't exactly a big fan of the recent poll that showed his approval rating was just 32 percent, and he probably won't like the poll released today, in which just 18 percent of people said Flake's doing an "excellent" or "good" job in office.

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That's according to the Behavior Research Center, which recently found that only 26 percent thought Senator John McCain was doing an "excellent" or "good job."

This poll compares Flake's rating to that of former Senator Jon Kyl -- whom Flake replaced -- nothing that 34 percent gave the thumbs-up to Kyl back in '96, not long after he started out in the Senate.

Even worse news for Flake is that the Behavior Research Center says this poll of Arizonans was conducted before Flake's controversial vote against an amendment to expand background checks for gun purchases.

The previous poll, which put Flake's approval rating at 32 percent, was done after the vote.

In this Behavior Research Center poll, not even Republicans were overly kind to Flake, really, with 29 percent giving a positive answer for his job performance.

Check out the full results here.

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