Jimmy Wayne's RV Burglarized in Arkansas; Now That's a Taste of Bum Life

Jimmy Wayne, the Tennessee twang star who's in the process of walking from Nashville to Phoenix to raise awareness of homeless teens, got a tough lesson in hobo 101, when someone stole his clothes and some personal items out of the RV he has following him on his trip.

Hate to say we told ya so, but if Jimmy hadn't been carrying extra clothes with him -- that is, acting like a real bum -- he probably wouldn't be in this mess.

The clothes, which were stage clothes for when he leaves his trek to go perform a concert, were taken over the weekend as his RV sat in the parking lot of a Comfort Suites Hotel in Hot Springs, Arkansas, where Wayne's driver was spending the night.

Despite being loyal New Times readers, many Jimmy Wayne fans aren't too fond of us.

A few weeks ago we learned that, over the course of Wayne's walk, he acquired an RV that he was sleeping in some nights. Not the end of the world, but before embarking on his journey, he was dubbing it as a homeless crusade from Nashville to Phoenix.

At the outset, Wayne even made the comment: "It's going to be cold, rainy, and maybe even snowing, and that ground I sleep on at night is going to be really hard. But that's what the homeless are dealing with each and every winter they go without a home of their own."

We made the point that not too many homeless people have RVs handed to them for the nights it's too cold to sleep outside. We also commended Jimmy for his noble cause.

Wayne's fans responded like someone shit in their cereal. One fan's comment, "James...you are an idiot," was some of the kinder things said about us.

We even tried to apologize -- sort of. Check it out here.

As sleazy as Wayne's fans may consider New Times, even we can't compare to the sleaziness of whoever stole Jimmy's gear.

The RV has information about the walk plastered all over its exterior, so whoever the thief is had to know they were stealing from a charitable cause.

Don't worry about Jimmy, though. Marmot, a clothing company sponsoring Jimmy's walk, replaced the clothes and even threw in some new bags, which Wayne proudly displays on his Twitter page.

A free RV, a driver, a personal trainer, and now some free Marmot gear? Damn -- being homeless is starting to look better and better!

For more information on Jimmy Wayne's charity, Meet Me Halfway, click here.