Napolitano Giving Speech on Homeland Security Issues Next Week

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano plans to give a major public speech about terrorism and other security issues next week in New York City, a tipster told Foreign Policy magazine.

According to an article on the magazine's Web site, Napolitano give the speech at the corporation-rich, pro-amnesty-for-illegal-immigrants Council on Foreign Relations:

The person familiar with Napolitano's planned remarks wouldn't get into substance, except to say a broad theme is likely to reflect recent press comments by DHS under secretary and former NSC counterterrorism official Rand Beers that terrorism is a threat common to us all and therefore requires a collective response involving the American people as well as international partners.

Beers was the former Bush counterterrorism advisor who quit a few days before the invasion of Iraq and joined presidential candidate John Kerry's campaign.

After the criticism Napolitano has faced in recent months, this is the ex-governor's chance to shine.