Morning Poll: Is Term "National Poster Boy" Racist?

Congressional candidate Vernon Parker decided to pull out the race card last week, asserting that a phrase used by one of his primary opponents is racist.

The phrase in question: "national poster boy."

The term was used by Ben Quayle in statement his campaign released in response to a different far-reaching attack from Parker's campaign.

In his statement, Quayle says because of Parker's ethics issues -- particularly being found by the Small Business Bureau to have lied to get government contracts for minority-owned-businesses -- he would "quickly become the national poster boy for the Democratic Party" when it comes to unethical politicians.

Parker, who is black, issued a statement with the misleading headline: "Ben Quayle Calls Parker 'Boy' in Rambling Incoherent Statement." The statement goes on to say "Quayle referred to Parker as 'boy' a known derogatory term for African Americans."

As we stated Friday
, we think Parker's attempt to paint Quayle as a racist for using a very
common term is ridiculous, but we want to know what you think: is the term "national poster boy" racist.

Vote -- and see the results of Friday's poll -- after the jump.

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