Alleged Burger-Hurling Pimp Brian Greely -- in His Own Words

The alleged Phoenix pimp accused of throwing a McDonald's cheeseburger at one of his (ahem) ladies says there's a lot more to the story than what's been reported in the media.

As the story goes, Greely, and a hooker, ordered some food at a McDonald's drive-thru last week.

The McDonald's employee forgot to include his milkshake, which prompted an argument between Greely and the hooker that came to an end when he threw a cheeseburger at her. He then dropped her off at a gas station.

For starters, Greely tells New Times, the milkshake wasn't even his. Secondly, he says he ain't no pimp.

Following our first story about the strength of Greely's alleged pimp hand, he sent us an email. He didn't like what we wrote (which you can see here) and wanted us to call him if we wanted the "real story."

We had a nice chat. Much to our surprise, he doesn't come across as the "word-t'ya-mutha" Vanilla Ice wannabe a reader described in the comment section of the original story.

As far as alleged pimps go, Greely seems smart, polite, and calm. And his story seemed to make a lot more sense than the way the police say things went down -- if he was telling us the truth, of course.

Unfortunately, we spoke off the record for much of the conversation with the understanding that he would call us back after speaking with his lawyer to set up another time to talk -- this time on the record.

Greely never called us back and ignored a text message we sent him this morning, which indicates his lawyer wasn't too keen on the idea of his alleged-pimp client speaking with the media.

But the true story of an alleged pimp throwing a cheeseburger at a hooker needs to be told! And much of it is in the email he sent us, which you can see below (all sic).

Great story , If it was real. So how much do you get paid to make up nonsense?  guess its your job to take an innocent man and turn him into a clown.

I would love to sit down and have an interveiw with you . I am not a violent man , two sides to every story. So hear the other side.

They dont tell you she is a junky who i dropped off at a QT because i couldnt deal with her BS anymore.And i am not a pimp in any means. I am a single father with sole custody of a 7yr old  child, drug free and gave this girl a ride. Milkshake wasnt even mine, cheeseburger wasnt thrown at her , but into back of truck. Texted her and her sister she needed help and i could not see her anymore. Lot to the story , Now my life is
RUINED , evictions , 10's of thousands of dollars wasted to prove my case... and i look like an ass. they didnt even arrest me that day , i left. If you want to have a real story call me