Blake Griffin and the Los Angeles Clippers Have a Field Day on the Phoenix Suns

Two Phoenix Suns players made ESPN's highlight reel of the "Top 10" plays after last night's game against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Unfortunately, they were on the receiving end of Blake Griffin flying through the air.

The Suns lost 103-86 last night at the Staples Center, in what appeared to by a close game at halftime.

The Suns actually led by two at the end of the first quarter, and went into the half down by two.

In the next 12 minutes of basketball, that Clippers lead turned into 10.

A three-pointer by former Phoenix St. Mary's High School star Channing Frye put the Suns within seven points with 6:50 to go in the fourth quarter, which was just about the only indication in the fourth quarter that the Suns were still in the game.

The Suns didn't score another point for almost three more minutes, when the Clippers' Bobby Simmons picked up a personal and technical foul, and Steve Nash and Marcin Gortat hit the resulting free throws.

Really, the game boiled down to no one on the Suns being able to handle Griffin.

The gentleman who's been known to fly over people and make them look silly as he's dunking in their faces ended up with 27 points, 14 rebounds, five assists, one block, and one steal.

Griffin's dunk on Frye with less than four minutes to go in the fourth quarter really signaled the end of the game.

Off a feed inside the key from Chris Paul, Griffin took off from outside the restricted-area arc and cocked the ball back, while Frye jumped up as if he was going to do something about it.

In mid-air, Frye came to the realization he's getting dunked on, and he just let it happen.

And it happened.

Another theme in this game common to this Suns season is that Michael Redd cannot play basketball on most nights.

Redd made me eat crow the other night with 25 points against the Houston Rockets, but he stayed true to his 2012 form last night -- seven points on one-for-six shooting from the field.

Four of his points were from free throws, and he made one-three pointer while bricking a trio of others.

The Suns went down 15 with Redd on the floor, the worst net points for any player on the Suns except backup point guard Sebastian Telfair, who was minus 17.

Another gripe -- what happened to Nash shooting the ball?

Nash only put up four shots in his 30 minutes of play, missing all four. His one point came off that technical free-throw mentioned earlier.

Nash did have 15 assists, but no one's really going to be upset about Nash shooting the ball more.

Our biggest cheer for the Suns goes again to the All-Star snub, center Marcin Gortat.

Gortat sucked hard last week against his former Orlando Magic teammate Dwight Howard, scoring just four points, put Gortat proved that was a rarity.

The Polish Hammer dropped 23 points on the Clippers last night, while scoring 21, 22, and 23 points in the three games before that.

Gortat also pulled down seven rebounds and swatted two Clippers shots, so kudos for that.

Our last gripe -- Frye's shooting.

Whether the Suns play well seems to depend on Frye's shooting, which is as predictable as Dennis Rodman's personality (it isn't).

Frye made two three-pointers last night, but missed nine. Nine.

In mid-March, Frye went on a streak over four games, making four of six, five of 10, four of six, and three of six in consecutive games against the Minnesota Timberwolves, Utah Jazz, another game against the Los Angeles Clippers, and the Detroit Pistons, respectively.

Since then, he's eight for 33.

Last night's loss puts the Suns two games back of the eighth playoff spot, currently held by Houston, and their next game is at home Sunday against the New Orleans Hornets.