Nationwide Vision and Optometrist Melodie Nannenga Seeing Eye to Eye With Lawsuit Settlement

Nationwide Vision and Scottsdale optometrist Melodie Nannenga can see clearly now -- the lawsuit's gone.

Nannenga, who worked at Nationwide office from 2006 to 2008, filed a federal complaint in November alleging sexual harassment and retaliation.

She claimed that after a regional manager made unwelcome advances and comments, she requested and received a transfer to another location. The switch didn't help, though, because the manager then transferred himself to her new office.

David Larkin, Nannenga's lawyer, said the terms of the settlement are secret and he could not discuss the case.

In her complaint, Nannenga (now Melodie Noele Nannenga Williams since her '09 marriage) had asked for back pay and punitive damages.