Hot Links: Illegal Immigrants Face Possible Trespassing Law; Mesa Man Blames Tweets in Burglary; Pink Moths Discovered in AZ

Yer trespassin': Arizona lawmakers move to make it illegal to be in Arizona without proper federal documents... That bug by your lantern might be one of the new, cool-pink moths discovered in southern Arizona... It was supposed to be a one-week custodial visit, but a Chandler man packed up and moved to an unknown location with his 9-year-old son... Pittsburgh Steelers get SuperBowl XLIII rings, each with 63 diamonds, that should have been the Cardinals'... This shouldn't surprise anyone: A guy with 2,000 Twitter followers tweets that he's on a family vacation -- and someone robs his house... Silent Witness spokesman Paul Penzone leaves a life of "crime"... Nine out of 10 residents of the Southwest agree: health care in this country needs reform... Hey, brother, can you spare a few hundred million? Actually, the federal government can (it'll just print more) and Arizonans will benefit.

Anti-illegal-immigrant law advances in State Senate

New species of pink moth discovered in Arizona


Twitter leads to burglary, says Mesa man

Chandler man and son missing after temporary custody visit

Pittsburgh Steelers show off SuperBowl XLIII rings

ASU poll shows desire for health care reform

Silent Witness spokesman steps down

Federal funds to help Arizonans