Photo Enforcement Vendor's Survey Shows Huge Public Support for Speed and Red Light Cameras

A survey commissioned by a photo enforcement vendor shows huge public support for speed and red light cameras in Arizona despite new pushes to end the programs.

You can read the results for yourself in two PDF documents from vendor American Traffic Solutions (a.k.a. ATS)  here and here. Because we're sticklers about such things, New Times also requested the list of actual questions that were asked survey takers, and you can read those here.

The gist of the survey is that anyone who thinks most people oppose photo enforcement is fooling themselves. As in past surveys, the new poll showed impressive numbers of supporters -- it's not even close. In nearly every category -- age, gender, political persuasion -- a solid majority want to keep both the municipal programs and the blanket of cameras put out by the state on highways and freeways.

The closest the survey came to revealing any widespread opposition of photo enforcement was in the pool of men under 55 years old -- that group is evenly divided on the question. The survey did, however, show that red light cameras receive far more support than speed cameras set up on a lonely highway in the middle of nowhere.

Of course, the legislative plan to ban the statewide program could proceed without public support. We put in a call to the main sponsor of the anti-photo-enforcement bill, Anthem Republican Representative Sam Crump, but he hasn't called us back yet.

The new survey makes the planned citizens initiative, on the other hand, look like it might be a big waste of everyone's time and money -- unless its backers can win hearts and minds between now and November 2010, when the election would take place.