Shahin Nasirinia: Personal Trainer/(Alleged) Dry-Humper Extraordinaire

If you need a personal trainer, 35-year-old Shahin Nasirinia might be your man...assuming you also want to get felt up and potentially "dry humped."

Two women have accused Nasirinia -- who currently lives in Tempe on a foreign work visa -- of touching them inappropriately under the guise of stretching them out before a workout session.

Nasirinia, a personal trainer/weightlifting coach at the Performance One Gym at 916 East Baseline Road in Mesa, also is accused of "dry humping" one of the woman, according to court records.

Back in February, a 24-year-old woman called police to report that during a "training session," Nasirinia had her lie down on a table on her stomach so he could stretch her out before a workout session.

Nasirinia had other plans -- while stretching the woman's arm as she was lying on her stomach, Nasirinia took her hand and put it on his erect penis.

The woman thought the boner bump had to be a mistake, so she didn't immediately say anything to Nasirinia. Then he did it again -- three more times.

The woman didn't end the training session, though, she just moved her hand away from Nasirinia's penis.

The stretching continued when Nasirinia had the woman move to a different part of the gym and again lie on her stomach, this time on the floor.

Nasirinia then lay down directly next to her -- and that's when he pulled her capri pants down, exposing her butt and thong.

Nasirinia allegedly then crawled on top of the woman, "smelled her hair," and started dry humping her.

After the woman felt Nasirinia's erect penis on her leg, she told him "I'm good, please stop."

The woman later told police she had to ask Nasirinia to get off of her three times before he actually did it.

After the first victim came forward, another woman went to police with similar claims of Nasirinia getting a little too friendly during training sessions.

In all, Nasirinia was booked on four counts of sexual abuse.

A call to Performance One Gym was not immediately returned this afternoon.