Joe Arpaio's "Birther" Investigation Slammed by Ex-Sheriff's Posse Member

We've previously mentioned some of the stranger aspects of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's "birther" investigation -- parts not related to Arpaio and company thinking President Obama's from Africa -- including tidbits of information that would lead a reasonable person to believe the "investigation" isn't really about exposing some massive fraud perpetrated by the president.

Now, there's a book co-authored by one of Arpaio's "special deputies"/ex-Sheriff's Posse member who appears to be saying just that.

Veteran readers of the Feathered Bastard may remember Stephen Lemons' columns on Michelle Dallacroce, one of the co-founders of the Phoenix-based Mothers Against Illegal Aliens group. She's the author of this book, along with another co-founder of Mothers Against Illegal Aliens, Michael Bruning.

Whether the stuff in the book is true is completely unknown, but since Dallacroce says the money from the sales are being donated to a nonprofit that helps people with spinal cord injuries, it makes me feel like a lot less of an asshole for spending $9.99 on this thing.

The point of the book, according to the authors, is to look into "the players and hints at the dangers poised by the Cold Case Posse and its public relation frenzy it has been perpetrating upon the public."