Janet Napolitano Less Than Photogenic on Homeland Security Web Site Mug Shot

Janet, we thought we knew ya!

At least, we've certainly seen better pictures of the former Arizona governor than this goofy mug shot placed recently on the Homeland Security Web site about her, the department's new boss.

It almost appears that once she landed in Washington D.C., she must have been replaced by an overly dimpled, aging space alien with big teeth. Was this photo shoot really the best our government could do?

C'mon, girl, take some pride in yourself! Get a new picture up there!

Maybe cornball mugs are the standard at Homeland Security -- check out the dorky shot of Napolitano's right-hand man, the department's deputy secretary, Paul Schneider:

 Julie Myers, former boss of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Bureau:

Yet Myers' picture isn't a whole lot weirder than her acting replacement, John Torres, a squishy-faced guy with 4:20 eyes:

All in good fun, people -- we're not saying our country's esteemed leaders should be smokin' hot.

Damn good thing that's not required of bloggers, either.