Brent Anderson Finds Out That Allegedly Kidnapping His Daughter and Moving to Mexico Doesn't Get Him Off the Hook for Child Support

In late February, Brent Ian Anderson decided the best way to avoid paying child support was to take his 3-year-old daughter to Mexico and not tell the kiddo's mother about it.

Turns out, Anderson was incorrect about that, because the authorities just flew him and the youngster from Mazatlan, Mexico, to Phoenix yesterday, and he was booked into jail.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Anderson and the baby's mama had a court-ordered custody plan, but that was violated on February 22 when Anderson didn't return his daughter.

None of Anderson's family members knew where he went, although Anderson had previously threatened to take the youngster to Mexico rather than pay for child support, according to the documents.

Luckily for the authorities/kid/kid's mother/everyone not named Ian Anderson, Anderson's new wife blabbed to all the neighbors that she and Anderson were moving to Mexico with his daughter.

Eventually, police discovered Anderson quit his job at a grocery store, emptied the $4,000 that was in his bank account, and moved his belongings out of his house -- which happened to be going into foreclosure.

Police also discovered Anderson and the new wife had bought bus tickets to Cualican, Mexico, and took the kid.

According to the court documents, cops found out Anderson and company were staying with the new wife's relatives.

Sure enough, a couple phone calls to the U.S. Marshal's Service and Mexican authorities later, and Anderson and the kiddo were on a plane yesterday.

Anderson was booked into the 4th Avenue Jail on two felony custodial-interference charges, as well as a felony kidnapping charge.