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Morning Poll: Does Lisa Aubuchon's Lawsuit Hold Any Merit?

Former (if not already former, likely, soon-to-be former. Read about the confusion here) deputy county attorney Lisa Aubuchon filed a $10 million lawsuit against the county last week

The suit is in response to County Attorney Rick Romley's bombshell announcement that he was releasing documents, including transcripts of grand jury proceedings, that aren't exactly glowing reviews of Aubuchon and her former boss, Andrew Thomas.

Aubuchon, who handled many of Thomas' most controversial cases, claims in her lawsuit that the release of the documents, and public statements made by Romley have damaged her mental health, slandered her, and broken some friendships with co-workers.

Read all about Aubuchon's lawsuit, and check out her notice of claim, here.

We're no lawyers, but Aubuchon's lawsuit seems like a load of horse s***. But we want to know what you think: Does Aubuchon's lawsuit hold nay merit?

Vote -- and see the results of Friday's poll -- below.

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