Arizona Capitol

Morning Poll: Will State Senate Majority Leader Scott Bundgaard Get the Boot From Leadership Spot Today?

State Senate Republicans are expected to revisit the Scott Bundgaard fiasco this morning, and New Times' sources say there's no chance of the majority leader escapes the meeting with the title of "majority leader."

However, that was before Bundgaard apparently passed a lie- detector test that his lawyer claims verifies his story that his now-ex-gal-pal, Aubry "the Real Deal" Ballard, pulled a gun during last month's alleged scuffle on the side of a Phoenix freeway.

Bundgaard told colleagues that new evidence will be revealed that corroborates his story about what happened, plus prove that Ballard, pulled out a piece during the scuffle, despite there being no mention of it in the police report.

Senate sources, however, say that regardless of what Bundgaard claims, he's getting the boot from his leadership spot because of the disruption it's caused the GOP caucus, and because several senators aren't buying his story.

We want to know what you think: will Bundgaard be majority leader in the Senate after this morning's meeting?

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