Some Dude or Lady in Fountain Hills Just Got Really Rich (by Winning the Powerball Jackpot)

Some dude or lady in Fountain Hills is about to meet a lot of long-lost relatives and reunite with friends they haven't spoken to in years, because that person is now very, very wealthy.

A store in Fountain Hills sold one of the two winning tickets for the $579.9 million Powerball jackpot, and at the time of this post, Arizona Lottery officials are still waiting for the person who bought the ticket to come forward.

There's been only one lottery jackpot bigger than this one in the history of the U.S. of A. -- $656 million -- but that one was split between three winners.

In this case, the annuity jackpot is $579 million, and the cash payout is more than $360 million.

According to the Arizona Lottery, the winning ticket here was purchased at the 4 Sons Food Store located at 13779 N. Fountain Hills Boulevard in Fountain Hills. The other one was bought in Missouri.

Our guess is that people who are already mad that they didn't win would be more upset if they found out the winner doesn't even know he's won yet, because he left his FireRock estate this morning to go shoot a round of golf, and hasn't even taken a glance at his Rolex yet today. He's too preoccupied with that Cuban cigar and expensive scotch he's been sucking down, and the stain on his cheap Burberry shirt. Being rich is tough work, folks. Just a hypothetical.