Maricopa County Craziness

Watch Former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas Spin; Disciplinary Proceedings Continue

Former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas is back on the stand this morning in the State Bar's disciplinary proceeding against him.

Here's the link to the state Supreme Court's Web page on the hearings. Click there, then click on the live proceeding. Don't forget -- later you can access Thomas' testimony in the archive section.

This is the second day of testimony by Thomas. If you want to catch up, read our blog posts from yesterday, some of which contain specific reference points in the archive videos for your convenience.

Thomas is off to a good start today -- already neck deep in his bull crap.


For instance, he just said he had "specific, credible tips" about possible "graft" and corruption -- yet the disciplinary panel has already heard how weak, unspecific and not-very-credible those tips were.

We'll also point you to today's article in the Arizona Repub, if you haven't already seen it, by Michael Kiefer and Yvonne Wingett Sanchez. We especially like this part:

When Thomas took the witness stand on Wednesday to discuss the matter, his recollection of events varied widely from what Arizona Republic reporters saw - and wrote - when he announced charges against the judge in December 2009.

On Wednesday, Thomas said he had only invited the media to attend the hearing and was surprised the hearing did not take place. In 2009, however, he claimed the judge should have canceled the hearing when a judicial complaint was filed against him or after he was named as a defendant in the racketeering suit.

To hold the hearing, Thomas told reporters at the time, would have been an ongoing criminal act, giving the impression that he did file the charges to stop the hearing.

Much of Thomas' testimony, as we pointed out yesterday, (and in a similar way to the testimony earlier this week by another target of the State Bar's proceeding, Lisa Aubuchon), holds up like Swiss cheese -- on a Phoenix sidewalk in July.