Attempted Abduction of 11-Year-Old Girl a Hoax; Girl Made Up Story

Remember the story about the 11-year-old girl who said someone tried to abduct her this morning? About that...

We just spoke with Tempe police Sergeant Steve Carbajal and it turns out the girl made the whole thing up.

To avoid humiliating an 11-year-old girl, Carbajal wouldn't say why the girl made up the story about the abduction but says after detectives interviewed her she admitted it wasn't true.

The girl is 11, so who knows why she would make up a story like that. But it should be pointed out that many local media outlets were quick to applaud the girl for her courage and bravery in fending off her non-existent attacker.

This morning, the unidentified girl told police she was riding her bike to Fees Middle School near Baseline Road and Lakeshore Drive just before 7 a.m., when she was approached by an unidentified man.

The man got out of his car and grabbed the girl's arm but she fought him off and was able to get away.

That, it turns out, never happened.

So, call of the dogs. There's not a child abductor roaming around Tempe looking to snatch up your kids -- that we know of, that is.