Guns-on-Campus Bill Sponsor Uses University of Alabama Tragedy to Defend AZ Legislation

In the wake of Friday's shootings at the University of Alabama-Huntsville -- where a professor shot six people, killing three -- the sponsor of a bill that would allow Arizona profs to pack heat in the classroom is using the incident to promote his bill.

State Senator Jack Harper sponsored the guns-on-campus bill and says if Alabama had a bill like his, the death toll from the university shooting could have been reduced.

"Obviously, the one professor who killed the other three was not following the law," Harper tells KTAR. "But, had one of the three been legally able to carry, it might have stopped at one."

Yeah, maybe if one of those professors was Jack Bauer.

Critics of Harper's bill say university professors are not trained to essentially act as members of the SWAT team and take out shooters without creating a substantial threat to innocent bystanders.

Harper's bill has been held in committee as the Senate waits to hear the details of a Russell Pearce joint that would allow anyone in Arizona to carry a concealed weapon without a permit or background check.

Yippie ki-yay!