MCSO Claims it's Investigating Employer in Days Inn Illegal Immigrant Roundup

The overall ineffectiveness of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's illegal immigrant roundups aside, one of our biggest criticisms recently has been that they're conducted under the guise of "employer sanctions" operations, despite the MCSO's having never arrested a single employer -- only employees (all of whom tend to have brown skin).

That, the MCSO claims, could be about to change -- according to the MCSO, the employer at the Days Inn the sheriff's office raided last month is currently getting investigated over whether he knew 10 of his 18 employees were illegal immigrants.

The August 24 roundup at the Days Inn hotel in downtown Phoenix netted precisely one arrest that day, despite the MCSO suspecting that 10 of the hotel's employees were illegal immigrants.

"[Arpaio] crowed that the investigation took only two months and yet he had no idea that worker schedules had been changed and was able to arrest only one person," Scottsdale Lieutenant Mike Stauffer, who is looking to unseat Arpaio as the Republican nominee for sheriff, told New Times the day of the raid.

He went on to say he wasn't surprised that the employers were not sanctioned.

Today, Arpaio announced the arrest of a second Days Inn employee, the hotel manager, Jorge Molinar.

Molinar is an illegal immigrant who was targeted during the August roundup. However, he didn't show up to work the day sheriff's deputies stormed the hotel.

Molinar, apparently, tried to go back to work, despite knowing America's self-proclaimed "toughest sheriff" was looking for him.

"Molinar avoided arrest along with nine others and had the audacity to return to the work place," Arpaio says. "This is one example of illegal aliens thumbing their nose at this office, and the laws against illegal immigration. The investigation into the owner of the Days Inn, who hired Molinar, continues."

The sheriff's office declined comment when asked to expand on the investigation into the owner of the hotel, and whether there was a realistic chance that he'd actually be charged with a crime or face sanctions. MCSO Officer Chris Hegstrom simply reiterated the sheriff's claim that "the investigation into the owner of the Days Inn, who hired Molinar, continues."

Arpaio says he's planning another "crime suppression operation" in Phoenix some time in the next week.