Jan Brewer

Jan Brewer Reportedly "Slugged" Channel 3 Reporter Over Global-Warming Question

Governor Jan Brewer's brain-fart response last week to a KTVK-Channel 3 reporter's question about global warming does not appear to be the only Jan bein' Jan moment from that interview.

According to a report, Brewer totally punched Channel 3 political reporter Dennis Welch.

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Michael Clawson, a photographer for West Valley View, sent an e-mail to media-biz gossiper Jim Romenesko explaining that the good stuff in the Channel 3 report wasn't Brewer's brain-fart answer.

Welch was asking the governor whether she believes global warming is man-made, and her response was classic Jan Brewer.

"Everybody has an opinion on it, you know, and, uh, you know, I probably don't believe that it's man-made," Brewer said. "I believe that, uh, you know, um, weather elements are controlled maybe by, uh, different things."

After that, and just before the part in the Channel 3 segment where Brewer asks Welch "where the hell" that question came from, the apparent contact was made.

"Brewer took her left hand, balled it into a fist and with the back of her hand she slugged the reporter on the back of his right arm," the e-mail published by Romenesko says. "Not hard, but with enough force that he spun around to see what was going on. She leaned in real close and looked up (she's a shorter lady) and said in a whisper loud enough for most of us to hear, 'Where the hell'd that come from?'"

The governor totally (allegedly) punched a reporter, and it sounds like she has a weak jab. Actually, the part where Brewer "slugged" Welch is included in the video, and it looks like a total old-lady tap.

Romenesko says Welch told him the "slugged" account from the photographer was "fair an[d] accurate," so take a look at the video, and you be the judge. (It's around the 47-second mark, if you can't wait that long.)

On a related note, Bloomberg News found out where Brewer is: Afghanistan.