Carl Mosher, Catholic School Teacher/Alleged Perv, Admitted to Sex With 14-Year-Old Student

Since our previous post about Carl Mosher, a gym teacher at a Catholic school in Phoenix who is accused of having sex with a 14-year-old student, we've come across new information that shows Mosher admitted the sexual relationship to the girl's mother during a confrontation call.

According to court records obtained by New Times, after the victim's mother had gone to police, she called Mosher -- who, court docs show, met the victim at a Catholic church and became a "close family friend" -- to try and get him to admit to having sex with her daughter.

During the call, Mosher admitted to having sexual intercourse with the girl, as well as performing oral sex on her, in his office at the St. Gregory's Catholic school, where the girl is an eighth-grade student and he is a teacher.

Court records also show that during a medical exam of the girl, doctors found evidence of injuries to her vagina consistent with the story she told police.

According to the Phoenix Police Department, the relationship between Mosher and the girl began in December of 2010, when the girl was just 13, and continued through last week.

Police say the sexual contact between Mosher and the student occurred in his office on school property.

There's no reason to believe there are any more victims, police say.

Mosher's been charged with four counts of sexual conduct with a minor.