Former AZ Attorney General Grant Woods: Howard Stern for the Age of the Podcast?


Add former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods to the list of old-school guys giving new media a try.

We hear through the grapevine that Woods is launching a new Web site, It's apparently still in the preview stage -- the home page currently includes a note warning about its unfinished quality and asking readers to let him know what they like and don't like, "so that we can continue to make part of your daily routine."

But from what we can see so far, it looks like Woods is setting himself up to be the King of all Media for the 602 area code. The site includes a weekly podcast of the Grant Woods Show, blog posts from the former state attorney general and his compadres, and even some video. J.D. Hayworth, eat your heart out! 

Woods, of course, is famously well-connected. Not only was he elected attorney general back in the 90s, but he's since represented all sorts of interesting people in his private practice, from Sonia Falcone, socialite and wife of an alleged international arms dealer, to (for a time) disgraced then-Congressman Rick Renzi.

So we're not the least bit surprised that Woods' Podcast show boasts guests ranging from Charles Barkley to John McCain. Nor were we surprised to see that the Web site is currently sponsored by Budweiser -- Cindy McCain, of course, being the owner of the area's biggest Bud distributorship.

Now, we're pretty sure Woods intentionally failed to send a link to the preview site to us journalists on purpose. And we also suspect it's a little early to be sending readers of this blog over to check the thing out.

But what the hell ... we're living in a New Media world these days, and we're pretty sure this thing is about to go viral. (Whatever that means.)

So check it out now. The Web site is still a little rough around the edges, but someday when is the Drudge Report of Phoenix, you can say you knew it when...

Meantime, we've got a call out to Woods, and we'll let you know more when we do.