Jimmy Wayne Fans Still Pissy Over Valley Fever Post, but Country-Music Blogger Enforces New Times' Point

Country Music star Jimmy Wayne's sycophants (yeah, we said it again) are all butt-hurt over a story we posted on Monday, where we pointed out some of the hypocrisy in Wayne's homeless march from Nashville to Phoenix.

While hawking Wayne's worthy cause, we said was he wasn't entirely living up to the expectations he set for himself at the outset of his quest, which, to some Wayne fans, is like telling a 5-year-old the Easter bunny isn't real.

"It's going to be cold, rainy, and maybe even snowing, and that ground I sleep on at night is going to be really hard. But that's what the homeless are dealing with each and every winter they go without a home of their own," were Wayne's exact words before he set out.

Wayne now has an RV to sleep in when it's cold, a follow-car to carry his gear, and a health-professional to take care of his ailing knee.

As a result of our calling out Wayne, we assume New Times won't be receiving a CMT Image Award anytime soon, as country-music fans from California to Connecticut are whining about it like a bunch of slack-jawed pussies. Check out some of the comments on our "apology" post here.

As a result of the dust-up, Great American County ran a blog post by Tom Roland with the headline, "Jimmy Wayne's 'Sycophants' Retaliate." Check it out here.

Roland apparently agrees with many of the points we made in our original post, but Wayne fans seem fine with his post. Below is an excerpt of what Roland had to say: 

The walk indeed does not quite resemble anymore the homelessness that Jimmy had said he would be experiencing. Not only does he have some modest assistance, he does interviews with radio stations on a regular basis; fans show up to give him food, buy him a meal or give him a place to stay for a night; his managers pretty much forced him to get a hotel room during one bitterly cold snowstorm; and Dierks Bentley's road manager kept him updated on the Super Bowl by texting the play-by-play results. Homeless teens definitely don't have that kind of support.

Below is a comment on the GAC post from reader "Teresa S" from Texas.

"Thank you, Mr. Roland, for a refreshing accurate article on Jimmy Wayne and MMH! I think if Mr. King had done his due diligence and research as every "real" journalist does, he would have never written such an idiotic article in the first place."

Oh, yeah, check out Jimmy Wayne's site here. He's helping homeless kids.