Jan Brewer

Jan Brewer's Finger-Wagging Chat With President Obama Finally Decoded (Sort of)

After months of speculation, someone finally deciphered what Governor Jan Brewer was saying when she stuck her finger in President Obama's face, thus humiliating the state of Arizona.

OK, so maybe it's more of a guess as to what Brewer said, but right now, it's probably the best theory out there.

Brewer claimed the conversation was about Obama being "a little disturbed" about her book, then she gave a story about her telling the president he had only "one more year."

Since she can't seem to get her story straight, we have the version of events portrayed above.

This interpretation of events comes from Steve Brodner, an illustrator, cartoonist, and otherwise artsy fellow with a penchant for satire.

You can find Brodner's stuff on his website, and he also has a few other political-satire videos on YouTube.