Joe Arpaio Has More Nonsensical Advertising; Sheriff Now Wants to "Take Our Country"

Despite the fact that Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been raking in the money for his re-election bid, some people trying to cash in on Arpaio's name have been awful at making advertisements.

The first one we noticed was John Philip Sousa IV's independent-expenditure committee called "Americans for Sheriff Joe," which has some downright awful TV ads, including Sousa crossing the border between Mexico and the United States "to demonstrate how easy it is for illegals to cross."

Now, POLITICO has pointed out the latest strange ad for Arpaio, from the Sheriff's political-action committee, "Joe PAC."

"Support Sheriff Joe's Efforts to Take Our Country," the ad reads.

Is he running for Sheriff of America? Does he literally want to gain ownership of the United States of America? It's nonsense.

If you click through the ad -- which should show up after a couple refreshes on Real Clear Politics -- it kinda sorta explains what it was supposed to mean:

I won't be intimidated by anyone.

The Mexican Drug Cartel has placed a $1 million bounty on my head and I receive death threats every day. Why? Because I am doing the job I was elected to do!

BUT, I am just one sheriff. We need more elected officials across the board who will fight night and day for our security and safety.

Join my PAC today and I will keep you updated on how to support the right candidates and causes that WILL take our country back.

The headline on that page, though, reads, "Support Sheriff Joe's Efforts to Take Our Country Back." (Emphasis ours.)

Still, that's not what the crappy ad says, so donate to Arpaio and help turn America into No-Mexican-istan.