Hot Links: McCain Battles Keating Five Ghosts, Arizona GOP Risks Loss of Legislature, Tina Fey Scores Beaucoup Viewers for SNL.

By Stephen Lemons

GOP consultant Sproul says Republicans could lose state House, Senate. Obama camp resurrects Keating Five ghosts for McCain. Obama, McCain verbal cage match tonight. Burglars prey on Valley snow birds. Arpaio claims accreditation loss not his fault. (Way to pass the buck, Joe.) Trib sacks 40 percent of staff, becomes four-day freebie. Cards' Warner may retire at season's end. Coyotes' Gretzky needs stellar season to keep job. Sun Devils' senior QB limping, could miss game with Trojans. Citizen's Denogean calls McCain "poster boy for socialized medicine." Democratic Diva disses Supervisor Brock. And Tina Fey's Sarah Palin impersonations net gazillion viewers for SNL.

AZ Republicans risk loss of Legislature, says GOP strategist.

Obama camp attacks McCain for role in Keating Five scandal.

McCain and Obama do town hall tonight.

Burglaries target Valley snow birds.

Trib cuts 142 jobs, becomes 4 day freebie.

Arpaio passes buck on loss of accreditation.

Cards’ Warner says he may retire after season end.

Coyotes need to make playoffs for Gretzky to keep job.

Sun Devils’ QB limping, may miss game with Trojans.

Citizen’s Denogean: McCain “poster boy” for socialized medicine.

Democratic Diva disses County Supe Fulton Brock.

Fey’s Palin impersonations rake in viewers for SNL.