Kurt Warner Retirement Decision to Be Announced Friday; All Signs Point to Kurt Saying Sayonara

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner is keeping true to his word: he's not gonna pull a Brett Favre and let his retirement decision obnoxiously linger until training camp starts.

Warner has scheduled a press conference Friday at the Cardinals practice facility, where he plans to announce his decision.

As much as we'd hate to see him go, it appears he's leaning toward retirement.

Aside from his general, withered physical appearance in the Cards season-ending loss to the now Super Bowl-bound New Orleans Saints, Warner is suggesting that he's ready to call it a career.

In an interview with ESPN's Rick Reilly last week, Warner says he's not having as much fun as he once had, but he can't bring himself to leave the game.

"The three hours on Sundays are still fun. But it's the whole week, the whole commitment, the ability to sustain it to your fullest, day in and day out," he says. "You feel the pressure. You have a game that isn't that great and people are like, 'What's wrong with Warner?' That wears on you. You don't have the joy and the fun and satisfaction of having one of those great games because everybody expects you to have one of those games. You never get to exhale."

By Warner's logic, Matt Leinart must be having a blast because we don't expect shit outta him.  

"I pray that God takes away the desire in me to play this game," Warner continues. "I've loved it for so long. I need Him to take that away from me, so that I can be comfortable with this decision."

At one point during the Cards' loss to the Saints two weeks ago, it seemed that God may have come to Kurt in the form of Saints defensive end Bobby McCray. After Warner threw a pick, McCray put a bone-crushing block on the QB as he thought about making a tackle.

It was brutal, check it out here.

At the time, we were certain that was the final blow to Warner's concussion-rattled brain, but to our surprise, he returned in the second half.

If Warner does retire, where does that leave the Cardinals? Of course, there's Matt Leinart, but there has been talk that the Cards might be doing a little quarterback shopping in the off-season because of confidence issues regarding Leinart among some of the team's receivers.

We say stick with Leinart -- we don't expect much, but would welcome any surprises the Heisman Trophy winner could muster.