Mentally Disabled 14-Year-Old Reports She Was Gang Raped in Phoenix

If the story of a 14-year-old mentally disabled girl is accurate, there are some real dirtbags roaming the streets right now, who need to be brought to justice.

The girl told police she was raped and beaten by a gang of at least three thugs at gunpoint.

The girl claims the rape happened last Tuesday in the Marivue Park near Maryvale High School

KPHO spoke with the girl's aunt, who spoke under the fake name "Amanda." Amanda says the girl suffers from muscular dystrophy and other from mental disabilities. She says the girls disabilities made her an easy target.

From KPHO:

"Some boys came up to her and put a gun to her head and forced her into a car and they took her to an empty house where they proceeded to rape her and beat her," Amanda told CBS 5 News.

"She doesn't move well. She doesn't know how to run. She can't run. She walks, but you could blow on her and she'd fall over," she said.The victim's aunt said her niece suffered serious physical injuries, but she is a concerned about the emotional impact the crime has had on her."Now, she's withdrawn. She doesn't speak to you. She don't look at you. She can't stand the sight of looking at a boy," she said.

Anyone with information is asked to called the Phoenix Police Department.